Learning About Autism Through Online Counseling

Autism is a kind of condition which is often misinterpreted. Most often than not, media also portrays people with autism as if it is just a simple disorder which you can box into one category. However, one should know that Autism is a neurological condition that affects people’s social developments and that there are variations in the symptoms and severity of this condition.

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The cause, symptoms, and even the disorder itself are often misconstrued with beliefs that are not yet scientifically proven, which leads some people to believe things that are not factual.To know more about what is autism spectrum disorder, we explore the different symptoms, severity, and even the cause of this condition.


What Is Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a kind of neurological condition which may affect one’s social ability, as well as his development for that matter. His communication skills would be slower to progress than those of his age, and his behavior would also be different from others.


Hence, ASD is often referred to as a developmental disorder because it affects a person’s social and communication progress. Typically, children with autism show symptoms at a very young age, with some appearing since birth.

However, some people take 3 years after they were born, and the symptoms would begin showing by then. Researchers proved that family income, educational levels, and race have nothing to do with having ASD, however, having the said condition is statistically higher for boys than girls.

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Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

When looking into someone who potentially has ASD, somesymptomswould usually show, although not the same for all people. Some of the symptoms include:


  • Repetitive, stereotyped body movements
  • Slow response to conversations
  • Inconsistent eye contact, or having a hard time paying attention to the person talking
  • Easily upset with the sudden change in a routine
  • Facial gestures or movements that do not match what they are talking about


And in some severe cases, children with ASD also experience having seizures. These symptoms vary per person, and may not be all visible to a child with ASD. Up to this day, scientists still do not know the exact reason for having ASD, but they believe that it has something to do with genes, rather than an external factor. Some of the causes might be:


  • Having older parents have a higher risk
  • One of your siblings has ASD
  • Existing genetic mutation (e.g., Down syndrome)


How To Deal With Autism

When you know someone with autism, or you see symptoms in your child, it is essential that you remove the stigma in your system. At the same time, you should seek the help of your doctor, to have a proper diagnosis.

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If you have confirmed that your child indeed has autism spectrum disorder, then you should know that you have to treat him or her equally, just as you would handle a typical kid his or her age. This instance is when online counseling comes very handy.


Since it is already challenging to take care of your child with ASD, imagine the trouble, you’ll get to take him or her to daily therapy sessions. Online counseling allows you to help your child in the comfort of your own home.


You can reach out to specialists without having to deal with the massive traffic and getting your child ready every single day if necessary, for therapy sessions. You also have the option to continue the treatment plan at home and meet in person with the therapist at least once a month if time permits. Online counseling gives you freedom in helping your child.


Although the ultimate cure for autism is still unknown, a continuous treatment plan for your child will help your kid to cope with the condition, and even live a normal life in the future.

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