Expert Recommendations: Top Autism Applications For Kids

Technology has a significant role in addressing many medical problems. In the case of autism, technology has revolutionized on how parents, educators, and therapists treat kids. Online applications are helpful in providing visuals to improve communication, creating structure in a child’s daily schedule, and supporting transitions in decreasing the chances of anxiety and stress.


According to Dena Aucoi, M.Ed., Kaplan University’s Assistant Academic Chair in the Educational Studies program, using online tools in treating autism can be a great help to the social development of kids.

“They allow for learning to take place in many environments, which helps aid in the generalization of the attainment of skills,” she informs. “For example, if we are only teaching the skill of greeting others in the classroom, we may see less success when attempting to greet others at the grocery store.”

To assist in treating autism, here is a list of autism applications for kids as recommended by experts.

Preschool Educational Games For Kids-EduKidsRoom

This application has various offerings of different games, puzzles, and quizzes for children to learn number, letters, sorting, time, colors, and shapes. This application also incorporates multiple sensory inputs on its activities. This feature is helpful for kids with autism.

Autism iHelp

Autism iHelp is a vocabulary teaching aid which serves as a language intervention tool for kids with autism. The application includes activities which focus on auditory and visual memory and vocabulary retention. What’s unique about this application is it gives progress reports to parents for them to have at least have a glimpse of their child’s performance.


Autism Track

The function of this application is to help parents of children with autism to guide them into tracking data. This tracking tool allows parents to easily track symptoms, behaviors, and interventions in just one place.

“Behaviors and symptoms can be rated, as well as particular medications and their doses, diet changes and therapies. Parents can also review trends in their child’s data and share these data with school and medical providers to inform treatment planning. This app is especially helpful for children with challenging behaviors, psychiatric conditions or both.” This is what the creators said when asked to describe Autism Track.

Learn With Rufus

Learn with Rufus is an application which uses a cartoon character to teach emotions. It focuses on matching emotions to facial expressions and identifying other people’s feelings emotions. This application helps the kids improve their communication and social skills.


The Monster At The End Of This Book

This playful application uses the bright and colorful characters of Sesame Street to guide children to face their fears. This storybook application is a tool which enables them to interact with the story by turning the pages, knocking down bricks, and untying knots. Hence, improving development skills such as vocabulary, imagination, language, and fine motor.


This unique application which plays relaxing sounds and music through vibrations. This helps induce sleep and relaxation to a kid. According to a study, all 15 children with autism improved their sleep initiation, increased their sleep duration, and improved daytime behavior when exposed to Dreampad.

Using these applications is not enough to address autism. However, online applications can be a start to the improvement of those children with autism.