A Guide For Kids With ASD Parents

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It is “normal” for a parent to worry and say – “Sigh! My child has ASD! What can I do?” But for a child to say that his parent has ASD, how should he feel about it? It is possible that the parents of such children have high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. The parents may be undergoing therapy of some sort like Occupational Therapy, Talk Therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Still, there will be times when symptoms of the parent’s ASD will surface, and their loved ones will have to be ready for it.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, about 1 out of 100 people have ASD, and that includes Asperger’s Syndrome. Some of these adults may have been diagnosed early on, while others may have read about ASD and just tried to cope with it.

No two people are the same even if they both have ASD. Personalities are diverse. Experiences in life vary. The condition itself can have a different effect on people. But there are also times wherein the behavior of the parents are predictable. Kids of ASD parents must learn not to take it personally and deal with it accordingly.

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My Mom Is Cold, And She Doesn’t Seem To Understand What I’m Going Through Or How To Comfort Me.

First off, your mom is not cold. She is just unequipped on how to process her feelings and reactions at times. Secondly, your mom may look at you, but may not understand that you are happy, sad, irritated, annoyed or whatever else emotion you are feeling at that moment. Lastly, she doesn’t know how to make you feel secure or how to comfort you.

It is important to convey what you need from your ASD parent. You have to be vocal about what you want so that they will act on it. “Mom, I need you to hug me” or “Dad, please tell me that I am a good son” Only then will your ASD parent realize what he needs to do.


My Dad Doesn’t Look At Me When We Talk.

This sign is “common” for people with ASD to look somewhere else when they are in a conversation. It is one of the symptoms of ASD – not being able to maintain eye contact. That doesn’t mean your dad is not listening to you. You can’t assume either that he isn’t interested in speaking with you or as to what you have to say. People with ASD are like that.

If you still experience this with him, just tell your dad to look at you while you’re talking. Tell him that it will make you happy if he faces you while speaking. He will understand your need and try to do it even if it is difficult for him.

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My Mom Freaks Out At School And When I Don’t Follow Her Instructions Right Away.

Parents with ASD tend to be repetitive. They can talk nonstop about your school performance and your responsibilities or chores at home. The constant “nagging” feeling will make you stressed out. Just remember that this is not intentional on her part to make you feel bad and can be because your mom has ASD.

If you say – in a minute – your mom will see that as one minute or 60 seconds. She will take things and words literally. You need to think of that as well. So, the next time she talks about school and your grades, answer her that you are doing your best and that she doesn’t have to worry. Don’t be offended by her manner or way of talking. It is the ASD “talking.” As per her instructions or orders, don’t say – in a minute! Tell her that you will do it within the day if you’re busy at the moment, and honor your word.


There are just some of the situations a child with ASD parent can encounter. If you want to know more about how to communicate with your ASD mom or dad, then, Regain may be able to assist you.

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