Romantic Relations With An ASD Adult


Is It Possible To Have A Romantic Relationship Even If I Have ASD?

In this world, nothing is impossible. You may have ASD or your potential boyfriend or girlfriend may have the disorder, but with love, it can be done. The road to intimacy with someone who has ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, even if the person is high-functioning, will be tedious and difficult, to say the least. If you really love this person, you will find ways to cope and overcome your issues.

Even without mental health conditions or behavioral problems, maintaining a loving adult relationship is hard work and full of effort. It is about working out your differences, in this case, literally trying to conquer the bad impacts of the disorder.


Having A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend With ASD.

There are also good points at being in a relationship with someone who has ASD. Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are loyal lovers. They are also punctual people and they believe that time is important for their partner. ASD adults, when in a relationship, can be relied on and if they are deeply in love, they can hold to that commitment for a long time. They are very honest and they will love you unconditionally.


But It’s Not All Roses. If There Are Good Points, There Are Also Some “Complications”.

  1. People with ASD can have issues with personal hygiene and grooming.
  2. They are also awkward when it comes to physical affection, both on giving and receiving the act.
  3. It is hard for them to act when in a certain “couple’s situations” like going out on a date and other similar instances. They don’t know how to behave during these times.
  4. ASD adults may misconstrue the intents of other people and they tend to be taken advantage of at most times.
  5. They also find it hard to comprehend the behavior of others after they react to his or her own behavior. For example, they may not understand that their partner or lover is angry, happy, sad, or whatever emotion and behavior they are displaying around him.
  6. People with ASD are not confident enough or brave enough to face unfamiliar people. They can also show signs of anxiety when being introduced to someone new.
  7. They don’t know how to show their longing for other people as they don’t know how to explain how they want to be desired. (Deep!)
  8. Adults with ASD can be rigid and it is annoying.


Tips for the adult ASD.

  • In order to attract a potential lover, groom yourself daily. Take a bath. Brush your teeth. Swipe deodorant on your armpits. Clip your nails. Wear clean clothes every day. Comb your hair.
  • Read the ‘The Asperger Love Guide’ by Dean Worton and Genevieve Edmonds. They have effective tips on how to look for a potential boyfriend or girlfriend even if you are on the spectrum. (Jerry and Mary Newport are both ASD adults and they are married. So, it’s not impossible to find your soul mate.)
  • You need to identify some physical signs of whether a person is interested in your or not. Signs of disinterest: the person often looks away when talking to you. He or she will turn their back on you or move away from you. The person will look unhappy or who is frowning when you’re talking to him or her. His or her hands are folded over the chest. He or she might not respond to you when you try to talk to him or her. If they tell you to go away, that’s a very clear sign of disinterest. 

Hopefully, this blog has shed some light on romantic relations with an ASD adult. Loving another human being is never easy, but don’t give up. There is always a chance for a happy ending.

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